Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Columbus, OH


Our bellies full of Dagwood, we decided to go visit Ohio Stadium, home of the THE Ohio State Buckeyes. But first, Andy had to go puke behind a dumpster (file not found).

After he emptied his stomach of its contents, we drove over to the stadium and found an open gate. We wandered around the stands for about an hour, taking pictures. We got one of the horseshoe. One of the city of Columbus as seen from the stands. One of an awesome stained glass window. One of how all the seats there aren't necessarily good seats.

But there were signs on all of the gates that walking on the field was strictly prohibited, so we stayed clear. However, after about 40 minutes there, we saw some other people walk out onto the field, so we hopped a fence and decided to check it out.

We took a few pictures immediately from near the end zone, and then decided to walk to the middle of the field. As we approached the 50-yard-line though, a woman walked up to us and said, "Hey guys...you need to get out of here. This is a photoshoot."

Whoops. So we snapped a quick picture of me and one of Andy at midfield, as some dude remarked that they would start the photoshoot as soon as "homeboy gets out of the middle." But before we left, I made a mad dash/dive into the end zone and Andy tiptoed the sideline and dove in for the touchdown (after video review, the ball carrier's foot was out of bounds at the 5-yard-line).

I'd also like to introduce the first of many in the "Andy Messer Speaks His Mind" video series. Today's topic: Ohio State football.

Tonight: Reds game against the WFC and Skyline Chili.

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