Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Syllabus Day

What: A road trip.

Who: Sam and Andy. We both like baseball and we both like food. While watching an episode of Man v. Food, we came up with the general idea of this trip. Additionally, I've been wanting to do a Midwest stadium tour for a few years now. We combined the ideas, and boom...road trip.

Where: Cincinnati to Columbus to Cincinnati to St. Louis to Chicago to Milwaukee to Chicago to Ann Arbor to Cleveland to Pittsburgh. Or you can just look at the map. We will travel approximately 1600 miles over two weeks through eight states, including stops at seven ballparks. 

When: The fun starts May 18th. It will end when we eat ourselves to death, or May 31st...whichever comes first.

Why: Why not? Andy just graduated and has free time. I'm on sabbatical (read: unemployed). 

Oh, yeah....we'll also be attempting to eat a gigantic pizza for some cashmoney

This will basically be a way to record and share our experiences on the road. We'll be bringing you food reviews, ballpark reviews, and most importantly, play-by-play as we attempt to conquer the Pointersaurus. Stay tuned.

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