Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crisis Averted

When facing an opponent as formidable as the Pointersaurus, one must engage in all the necessary preparation. This involves both physical training, and doing research on other peoples' experiences with eating it, which, most of the time, turn out to be huge embarrassing failures.

So it was while reading about a failed attempt several weeks ago that I came across this little tidbit: 

We told the guy we wanted to do the competition the following Friday, and he said, “The earliest opening I got is the 21st.” Wow. They were booked solid for two weeks, and there wasn’t a Friday open for weeks after that.

Uh oh. We were planning on eating the Pointersaurus on May 22nd, and it was already May 13th. Initially, our plan was to call sometime next week, a few days before eating it. Big oversight on our part. Honestly, we didn't think there would be that it would be a problem. We were wrong. Frantically, I called Pointer's Pizza hoping that by some miracle of the pizza gods, our date would still be available, but I wasn't feeling optimistic.

Two rings and an then answer. "Hi, I'd like to schedule a date to do the Pointersaurus challenge," I said apprehensively.
"When would you like to do it?"
"Is Friday, May 22nd open?" 
A long pause. The sound of paper shuffling in the background. "Sorry, we already have a group coming in that day."
Crap. "Okay, well what about the 21st or 23rd?"
Deep breath. If these days were taken, I didn't know what else we could do. Our plans would be in serious jeopardy. "Well, we're closed the 23rd........but yeah, we don't have anybody signed up yet for the 21st."

Sweet relief. So our eating date has been moved up a day. No biggie. Watch out, pizza. Here we come.

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  1. First!!! Hey Sam, glad to see the site is up, I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Thank you for the arrested development reference.