Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Main Event

In this corner, the challengers:

Career Highlights:
*2005 Cornfest Champion - 31 ears
*2006 Cornfest Co-Champion - 37 ears
*Conquered El Gigante
*Used to look like this

Career Highlights:

*Two-time Whoopie Pie eater in Message to Garcia
*40 wings in one session
*Known as a "good eater"

And in the other corner, the champion:


*28 inches in diameter
*12 lbs. of dough, sauce, cheese, and meat
*Career record of 1000's-18

The Place: Pointer's Pizza, St. Louis, MO
The Time: 3PM, Central Daylight Time.


  1. Like all successful athletes, you guys need to employ performance enhancing drugs to beat the competition. AKA, if you walk in baked out of your minds, the pizza will disappear faster than a Twinkie at fat camp.

    Good luck, and stop making me hungry.

  2. what the hell does known as a "good eater" mean? messer should have re-written his profile to mention his hunger for hard fouls and mornings spent at the art center